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Receive Purchase Order

After Creating Purchase Order,we have to Receive Purchase Order,So we should go for Receive Purchase Order Module and Click on "Operations" Button as shown in image below.

  • After Completing "Operation " Button then we have to receive purchase order with quantity as like in below image.
  • Operation :This Button is used for Ordering the Purchase Order.

Receive Non-Serial Items

  • Click on Receive PO Button.

  • Click on Edit Button.

  • Receive Quantity Then Save .

  • Receive Another Quantity Then Save

  • Click on Close

  • Click on Conform PO Receive Button.

  • Click on Print Button.

Receive Serial Items

  • Click on Purchase Order, Receive Purchase Order Then Click on Receive PO Button.

  • Click on Edit Button

  • Click on Save Button.

  • Write a Serial Then Save.

  • Write another Serial Then Save.

  • Click on OK Button.

  • Then click on Close Button.

  • Click on Conform PO Receive.

  • Click on Print Button.

  • Click on Add Symbol Button You may check Details of serial

  • Check the Details.
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