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Sri Software is a privately owned software company incorporated in Australia and India. Sri Software in an independent software developer, developing business oriented software applications since 1994
Accounts Payable
Accounts Receivable
Add Jewellery Stock
Add Serilalised Jewellery
Add Supplier
Add User Links
Adjust Inventory
Administration Setup
Ani Numbers
AP Enquiry
AP Management
AP Reports
AP Setup
AP Supplier Setup
AP Transactions
Application Paths
AR Reports
Assets Master
Assets Type
Asterisk Installation
Sri Software providing a low-cost Single Touch Payroll (STP) solution for micro employers in Australia
Attendance By Class
Sri FMS Australia Post Shipping Integration
Available Records
Avetmiss Reports
Backup Database
Balance Sheet
Bank Reconciliation
Banking and Reconcialiation
Batch Master
Batch Printing
BI Sales By Category
Bill Payments
Bill Payment
Bio Metrics
BIO Template
Book Status
BP Address Type
BP Group
BP Prioritiy
BP Properties
BP Property Type
BP Territory
Business Intelligence Software
Business Intelligence Documentation
Business Intelligence Mobile
Business Partner Setup
Call Records
Campus Management
Careers at Sri Software
Cashier Rec
Categorised Inventory Listing
Change Log
Class Room
Clock In and Out
CMS Reports
CMS Setup
Common Validation Errors
Comms Master
About Sri Software
Company Administration
Compiling the Icecast server
Completed Credit
Completed Repairs
Completed Sales Orders
Contact Details
Web Content Management System
Content Types
Contract Management
Contract Template
Contract Template Details
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Copyright Information
Course Report
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Course Subject Report
Course Type
Create Custom Report
Create Purchase Order
Create Returns PO
Creating a New Customer
CRM Message Archive
Currency Master
Currency Rates
Current 30 Days
Current 30 days Sales
Current Credit
Current EDI Order
Current EDI Orders
Current Repairs
Current Sales Orders
Current Week
Current Week sales
Custom Reports
Custom Solutions
Customer Aged Trial Balance
Customer List
Customer Receipts
Customer Relationship Mgmt
Customer Statement
Customer Statements Export
Customer Trial Balance
Customising Templates
Database Config
Databases Alias
Date wise received reports
Date Wise Search Stock
Dealer Commissions
Sri Deliveroo Integration
Delivery Mode
Direct Dial In Numbers
Disablity Type
Distribution Inventory Management Purchase orders Warehouse Management
DNS Management
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Sri Documentation
Document Lib
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Download Sri Enterprise Software application
Dymo Label Printing solution with Sri ERP Software
Dynamic Menu
Sri Ecommerce
Edi Gateways
EDI Import
EDI Orders List
Electronic Data Interchange
End Of Day
Enquire Customer
Enter Journals
Sri Software, being one of the renowned Enterprise Application Software companies, offers a host of integrated business modules for facilitating seamless operational management.
Enterprise Search
EOM Invoice
Sri Software has developed the most feature-rich ERP software for electrical industry by deploying cutting-edge technologies. Promote enhanced scalability into your business with us.
Revolutionize the way you manage your telecommunication business with an ERP software for mobile and telecommunication company from Sri Software. Consult our experts now.
Sri Software has rendered many businesses with the most dynamic ERP software for retail industry to help them manage their operations better and make well-informed business decisions.
Event Master
Event Name
FAR Management
FAR Reports
FAR Setup
Features Menu
Field of Education
FIFO Stock Management
FIFO Stock Validation
Financial Groups
Financial Mappings
Financial Master
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Financial Transaction
Financial Transactions
Financials Accounts Receivables Accounts Payable Financials
Financials Enquiry
Financials Management
Financials Reports
Financials Setup
Fixed Assets Register
Fone Solution mobile stores group
Foreign Currency
Sri Forums
Free Version
Funding Source
Future of Retail
Generate Id Cards
Geographical Details
GL - General Ledger
GL Mapping
Help Categories
Holidays List
Being one of the best ERP software companies in Australia, Sri Software provides best-in-class solutions to businesses. Implement holistic ERP solutions for rapid business growth. Sri Software The nex
HR Enquiry
HR Management
HR Master
HR Reports
HR Setup
HR Transactions
Human Resources
A human-resources department (HR department) of an organization performs human resource management, overseeing various aspects of employment, such as compliance with labour law and employment standard
Icecast Server
Iconnect is a vodafone solutions
IMEI or Serial Enquiry
Import Inv Bulk Files
Import Inv Prices
Import Inv Codes
Import Mobile Matrix
Import Serials
Import Shopify Orders
Import Stock Whitems
Import Utilities
Import Utilities
Sri Erp for Business and Industries
Industries Menu
Industry Solutions
Information Technology
Infrastructure Reports Distribution Message Scheduler Print Manager Forms Management.
Install Apache Server
Install Composer
Install Cups
Install Mysql Server
OpenVPN Installation
Install Php
Install the prerequisites
install webmin
Install wkhtmltopdf
Our software comes with an easy installation program. The install program can be used by your system administrator to install the full version of SriOS.
Sri System Integration with Third Party Systems
Inv Min Max Filter
Inventory Enquiry
Inventory Images
Inventory List
Inventory Management
Inventory Properties
Inventory Property Type
Inventory Reports
Inventory Setup
Inventory Transactions
Inventory Types
Invoice PO
Item wise received reports
Sri Software for Jewellery Industries While getting a software for your business there are various choices with attractive reviews and offers.
Job Title
Kit Items
Labour Status
Last Date
Late Date
Level of Education
LIB Detail
LIB Report
LIB Reports
LIB Setup
Library Management
Library Master
Licence Registration Process
Licensing Error
Life mobile Distributors is using Sri Software Solution(SriOS)
List of Orders
List of Tables
Login Master
Manual Supplier Invoice
Message Master
Min Max
Min Max Reports
Mobile Apps
Mobile Commissions Sys
Mobile Matrix
Mobile Store Management System Telco Pos Mobile Comissions Mobile Rebates Carrier matrix IMEI Management
Mobile Warehouse Picking
Mobile Wizard
Modules& Menu
Month To Date
Monthly Report
My Monthly Report
My Reports
NAT Reports
New Company Setup Checklist
Occupation List
On Loan Records
Operational Management
Order Details
Order Refund
Our Customers
Outcome ID
OutRight Sale
Outstanding Supplier Amount
Sri Overview
Business Partners
Payment Gateway
Payment List
Payment Methods
Payment Setup
Payment Terminals
Accept Paypal Ecommerce Payments With Sri ERP Software
Payroll Enquiry
Payroll Management
Payroll Master
Payroll Reports
Payroll Setup
Payroll Transactions
PBX Configuration
PBX Enquiry
PBX Managements
PBX Reports
PBX Setup
PBX Transactions
PBX Management
Phone Book
Pick Orders
Picking Orders in SriWMS
Po Reports
Point of Sale Features
Point Of Sale
Sri POLi Payments Integration
POS Buttons
POS Dashboard
POS Enquiry
POS Entry
POS Login
POS Management
Feature-rich POS mobile applications from Sri Software designed to help retail merchants in eliminating the complexities involved during the payment and checkout process.
POS Promotions
POS Reporting
POS Reports
POS Setup
POS Stock Enquiry
POS Transactions
Postal Code
Pre Requisites
Price List
Price List Type
Print Forms
Print Templates
Printer Setups
Printing Business Documents
Printing Errors
Sri Software Privacy policy
Process EDI Batch
Products Menu
Profit And Loss
Project Activity
Project Dates
Project Management
Project Master
Project Priority
Project Resource
Purchase Orders
Purchase Payment
Queue Members
Quote Management
Quotes Enquiry
Quotes Management
Quotes Reports
Quotes Setup
Quotes Transactions
RDM Group
RDM Master
RDM Users
Receive Purchase Order
Rep Commissions
Repairs Management
Report Archive
Report By Sales Date
Report By Sales Items
Report Distribute
Report Distribution
Report List
Report On Category
Report On Rep ID
Report On Users
Reprint Bill
Reprint KOT
Reprint POS Order
Reprint POS Orders
Reserved Credits
Restaurant Dashboard
Restaurant Management
Leverage on the best restaurant and hospitality management system software from Sri Software to manage varied operations including inventory management, table reservation and more.
Restore Database
Resume Order
Return Transaction
RPT - Report User Documentation
RST Enquiry
RST Management
RST Reports
RST Setup
RST Transactions
Run Cron
Run Custom Report
Running the Icecast server
Sales and Marketing Sales Orders Point of Sale E commerce CRM
Sales By Category
Sales Charts
Sales Enquiry
Sales Invoice
Sales Orders
Sales Rep Report
Sales Reports
Sales Transaction Detail
Sales Transactions
Introducing a highly scalable school and campus management system software from Sri Software for automating the tedious management process of schools and varied other institutions.
Search By item
Search EOD
Search Modules
Security Groups
Selinux Configuration
Send Email
Serial Enquiry
Serial Enquiry
Serial Number
Serials Price List
Serial Stock Enquiry
Server Administration
Server Configuration
Download SriOS Server Version
Server Time Zone
Service Desk Management
Setup Swap
Shift Table
Shipping And Freight
Shipping Rates
Shipping Types
Sri Software brings to you a userfriendly electronic signature app for Android. Deploy this Avant garde Sign on Glass mobile application for fast and secure transactions.
Solitaire Jewellery using Sri Enterprise Software(SriOS)
Sourceguardian Error
Spice n Life using Sri Enterprise Software(SriOS)
Square Payments Integration
Sri Cart
Sri Change Management Policy
Sri Customer Service and Ordering App
Erp Software Demo | SRI Software
Sri Digital Docs
Sri Docs
Sri Enterprise OS
Sri Enterprise OS
Sri Enterprise Xampp Setup
Sri Feedback App
Sri Feedback
Sri Information Classification Policy
Sri Installation Script
Sri Internal Audit Procedure
Sri Information Security Management System
Sri News
Sri Pay for Micro Employers. Single Touch Pay
Sri Pos Operations Guide
Sri Server Installation Guide
Sri SMS Gateway
Sri Gateway SMS
Sri Time & Attendance
SriOS Installation CD.
SriOS Manual Install Process
SSL Configuration
Starting a POS Sale
Starting the application
Stock Enquiry Guide
Stock On Hand
Stock On Hand with Price
Stock On Hand with Price
Stock Take
Stock Transfer
\r\n\r\n \r\n\r\nStock Transfer
Stock Take Completion
Stock Take List
Stock Transfer
Store Branch Details
Store Closing
Store Closing Guide
Store Master
Store Opening
Store Opening Guide
Store Operations
Store Operations Flow Chart
Store Report On Sales
Store Reports
Store Transactions
Student Address
Student Certificate
Student Enrollement List
Student list Completed Course
Students Search
Study Reason
Sub Category
Subject Unit
Supplier Aged Trial Balance
Supplier Catalogue
Supplier List
Supplier Setup
Supplier Transaction
Supplier Transaction Details
Supply Chain EDI Electronic Document Interchange for trading with your business partners Warehouse Management Wireless Picking Packing
Services We provide a range of services to maximize your business productivity. We Provide Application Development, Training and support services to complement the software applications
Synchronize Applications
Sys Notice
Sys Themes
System Companies
Tax Codes
Tax Config
Tax Rates
Technology Overview
Telco Mobile Commissions
Telco Pos
Ticket Message
Ticket Priority
Ticket Status
Implement the use of this Avant Garde Time and Attendance mobile app from Sri Software to eliminate the labor intensive task of maintaining time sheets manually. Reach us now.
Timesheet Entry
Timesheet Reports
Title List
Total List of Tables
Trial Balance By Date
Sri Software provides targeted training services for your system administrator and also to your end users.
Training Location
Training Organization
Trial Balance by Period
Troubleshooting Common Errors
Troubleshooting Installation Problems
Tyro EFTPOS Integration with Sri POS
Unit Of Measurement
Update Tables
User Companies
User Groups
User ID Report
User Leaves
User Stores
User Tasks
Users Event Access
Users Limit
Valuation Types
Voicemail Messages
Voip Accounts
Sri Software introduces a range of highly intuitive, interactive warehouse management mobile apps to increase the enterprise agility of your business and maximize returns.
WEB - Content Management System

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Price: AUD 100.00
Product Code :1000
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Price: AUD 12.00
Product Code :2000
Set Up Fee
Price: AUD 1000.00
Product Code :3000
SriPOS Retail Software
Price: AUD 0.00
Product Code :4000
POS Cash Drawer
Price: AUD 125.00
Product Code :5000
Price: AUD 0.00
Product Code :NOTE
Sri Enterprise Software
Price: AUD 0.00
Product Code :SRIOS
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